Fella Health Video Testimonial Post Suggestions (30-60 sec)

Main content messaging:

Sustainable Weight Loss For Men

● Start the video with a Hook/Scroll Stopper
● Start the video with weird or unique clip to harness attention



Add your voice. You can add voiceover after filming, Capcut app. Can even record voice on Voice Memo

Hook examples you can use, you can also propose your own hooks:

● 3 Reasons why
● Things in my _________ that just make sense
● This is your sign to _________
● Life Hacks
● IG made me buy it
● Things I wish I knew about sooner
● Why I stopped _________ and do this now instead
● #1 Product for _________
● The _________ you have been searching for
● This is the best _________ I´ve tried
● Sustainable Weight Loss For Men / Sustainable Men's Weight Loss
● Fella Get Men Results That Last
● Taking The Shame and Blame Out Of The Weight Loss Game
● Long-Term Weight Loss On Your Terms
● For men who are fed-up with failed attempts
● Get to a healthy weight for good

Main product features:


● Weight loss medication prescription
● Personal health coach
● Board-certified clinicians
● Access to the Fella mobile app

Suggested actions:


Talk directly into the camera.

Suggested shot list:


● About me - tell us about your needs for the product. What challenges have you experienced with other similar products?
● Product - show the product in use, highlight features, showcase the details
● Testimonial - give your honest personal experience recommending the product

Potential script:


● This is just inspirational, you can create with your own words:

Finally, a sustainable weight loss system, built for men.
Fella Health is getting men's results, that last, with personalized, medication-assisted treatment, to help men lose weight… for good.

Creator must be sure to: (to avoid refilming)
● All good to add humor, but as this is aimed at ages 35+ - nothing too cringey
● Do be sincere, it needs to be trustworthy

How to end the video:


Call to action: (inspirational you can also add your own reason fro recommending ourproduct and close the video telling audience to go to our site):

They offer a 6-month money-back guarantee, and for a limited time, new customers canget their first month free, saving $149 by clicking the link in my profile (or wherever else you have it)
Fella Health, taking the shame and blame out of the weight loss game.