Welcome to Fella!

Fella uses the latest understanding of men’s psychology, biology, and medication to help you get results that last.

Designed by healthcare experts

See a board-certified obesity doctor. Access the most-effective prescription medication. Get weekly coaching to address stress eating & unhealthy habits. All in a program that is built by men and designed for men. Get to a healthier weight for the long-term.


Dr. Esho Bukola

Board-certified physician in obesity medicine. Completed her Internal Medicine training at Steward Carney Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and was Chief Medical Resident.

Head Coach

Sean Welch

Certified Health Coach & Bachelors in Health Sciences. Decorated United States Army Veteran: served as a Combat Medic with deployments in Kuwait and Europe. Overcame his own obesity to enter the US Army.

The medication assistance

Obesity is complex. And often needs more than nutrition and exercise alone. You’ll meet with a specialist doctor and they’ll talk you through the different medication options that could be appropriate.

Did you know?

In peer-reviewed research these medications, in combination with lifestyle change, are one of the most effective ways to get to a healthier weight.

What to expect...

Introduction appointment


10 minute appointment to meet your doctor and learn more about the program

Blood test


If you decide to join Fella we’ll start you on the medical path. The doctor will request a comprehensive blood test. Go to your local Quest lab and show your ID card. Your results will be sent to the doctor.

Medical Questionnaire


Complete a 10 minute medical questionnaire including your past medical history.

Detailed appointment


After the doctor receives your blood test results, they’ll book you in for a detailed appointment. During this 20-30 minute appointment they’ll go into detail with you. Finally, they’ll discuss if there is a medication that is appropriate and get you started on it.

Prescription medication


Start on the prescription medication (if prescribed) and work with your coaches on the behavior change program.

Regular Check-ins


If you have side effects or your weight plateaus ask your coach and we’ll book you in for another appointment. Every 2-3 months you’ll have a periodic check-in with your doctor.

Coaching Playbook

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4 Options

Intermittent Fasting

Sometimes none is easier than just one. Reduce your feeding window to a fixed number of hours a day.

Meal Planning

Add structure to reduce hunger and cravings. Create meal plans to ensure you have healthy, tasty, meals lined up.

Calorie Tracking

Work with your coach to maintain a healthy calorie deficit and keep accountable to your goals.

Mindful Eating

Feel fuller and understand biological vs psychological hunger. Create a custom routine to focus you during meals.

Mental Fitness

5 Options

Cognitive Exercises

Use cognitive behavioral coaching to understand and tackle the root cause of psychological hunger.

Breathing Exercises

Control your body to control your mind. Feel the effects in just 60 seconds to reduce stress and anxiety.


Improve your body and your mind. Develop a custom routine to tackle stress and improve your metabolism.


Creating time to reflect and plan can help keep you on track and tackle challenges as they come up.


A workout for your mind. Meditation can reduce stress, increase well- being and become more mindful throughout your day.


4 Options


Get your heart rate up to burn energy, increase your metabolic rate, and improve your cardiac health.

Stationary Bike

Resistance Training

Use your muscles to burn energy and improve your functional strength. Larger muscles also increase your metabolic rate.

Exercise Planning

Plan your exercise type and times with your coach to help build the habit and efficiently use your time.

Exercise Tracking

Track your exercise with your coach to see improvement over time and be held accountable.


3 Options

Sleep Tracking

Track and optimize your sleep to reduce hunger and cravings. Work closely with your coach to design actionable improvements.

Night Routine

Set yourself up for a great 8 hours of sleep by designing a custom bedtime routine.

No Eating Before Bed

Sleep better and reduce unneeded calories by not eating before bed. Work with your coach to create actionable steps for this.