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Achieve your goals with our proven GLP-1 weight loss treatments, built for men.
You could lose
140 lbs
in one year
140 lbs
300 lbs
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March 2024 - Feb 2025
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GLP-1 Weight Loss Medication For Men
Your plan includes:
GLP-1 weight loss medication
Costs include the price of medication, shipped to your home
Ongoing support from board-certified clinicians
6-month money-back guarantee
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What's included:

potential weight loss:
140 lbs
GLP-1 weight loss medication
The best solution for long-term weight loss

We include personalized GLP-1 medications, proven to effectively curb appetite and hunger - helping busy men like you lose weight.

How GLP-1 medication works
Feel fuller for longer
Improves blood sugar levels
Processes fat more efficiently
Reduce your cravings and regulates hormones
16.9% body weight loss (on average)
Once weekly injection, delivered to your home
Safe, easy, affordable generic GLP-1 medication
As effective as branded options
Branded GLP-1 (Wegovy / Ozempic / Mounjaro)
Once weekly injections of proven, top-performing meds
Convenient access to medications like Wegovy/Ozempic/Mounjaro
Safe, easy and effective weight loss treatments
Due to your diabetes diagnosis, medication will be covered by insurance with a small copay - saving you ~$200/mo (compared to other fellas on similar medications)

Upgrade Your Weight Loss Plan:

Upgrade to Tirzepatide
The most effective GLP-1 medication
22.5% body weight loss (on average)
Taken once weekly as an injection
Add Testosterone Rejuvenation
Increased lean muscle mass
Improved energy and mood
Increased levels of productivity

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Hear and learn from previous and present fellas about their experiences with GLP-1 medications
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Embark on a path to becoming the person you were always meant to be

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Monthly Plan
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Your Fella subscription includes
GLP-1 weight loss medication delivered to your home
Support from board-certified clinicians
Comprehensive biology assessment
6-month money-back guarantee
Flexible subscription, cancel anytime
Tirzepatide upgrade
Testosterone rejuvenation upgrade
Testosterone Rejuvenation
Video Coaching Calls
- $25.90
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Is the medication safe?

Safety is no doubt your top priority, especially with a family relying on you.

You can feel confident our FDA-approved GLP-1 medications have been scientifically proven safe and effective for weight loss in men.

GLP-1s help patients lose weight by controlling hunger and regulating hormones.

Our specialist medical team take your unique health history into account and only prescribe medications demonstrated to be safe based on your profile.

We also guide you on proper use and provide ongoing medical supervision and support.

With convenience built around your busy lifestyle, we make achieving your weight loss goals with proven treatments simple and safe.

How long does it take to work?

As a busy father, we know your time is limited.

While the journey is personal, our program is designed to deliver rapid results while establishing healthy habits for the long-term.

Within the first month, you'll notice our proven medications curbing hunger as your personalized coaching plan gets underway.

By months 2-3, you’ll have built better habits into your routine.

From months 4-6, maintaining your new lifestyle becomes second nature.

After 6 months, members like you have lost an average of 10% of their body weight and kept it off.

And in just 12 months, you'll have achieved sustainable weight loss and made lasting improvements to energy and confidence - all while still excelling in your demanding career.

This is not a quick fix - it's a science-backed approach tailored for busy men to help you lose weight and live the healthy, active lifestyle you want for good.

What is the evidence for this medication?

Studies prove semaglutide, the key component in our medications, is one of the most effective weight loss drugs available.

In a major study, people taking semaglutide lost an average of 15% of their body weight in just 1 year - with 30% losing over 20%.

The science clearly supports these medications' weight loss results.

Won't I put the weight back on after stopping medication?

Our program provides lifelong transformation.

We equip busy professionals like yourself with the tools to permanently modify your lifestyle and sustain results.

The medication offers a bridge, allowing you to cement healthy habits and routines without constant hunger struggles.

Once discontinued, your new regimen will maintain your weight loss long-term.

Is oral medication an option?

We strongly recommend the injectable medications due to higher efficacy and fewer side effects.

However, oral options are available if injections are not feasible for you - just let us know.

We will ensure you get access to the safest, most effective GLP-1 medication for your needs.

What is the Fella GLP-1 guarantee?

At Fella, if you are a good fit for weight loss medication, we guarantee your access to a GLP-1 prescription - at no extra cost.

Note: GLP-1s will only be prescribed for you if it is safe to do so.

Is medication cost included?


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Yotpo rating 4.9 | 119 Reviews


We include GLP-1 medications proven to curb appetite, hunger, and cravings to help busy men lose substantial weight.


FSA/HSA eligible

You can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for your Fella Membership, just use your savings card when checking out. We can also provide a super bill if needed.

Note: some plans require a letter of medical necessity to qualify. Our medical team can assist you in this.



Semaglutide is a long-lasting GLP-1 medication that is taken once weekly as an injection. On average, patients on this treatment drop 16.9% of their bodyweight.



GLP-1 medications act like the body’s natural hormone GLP-1. They help control your hunger by slowing down the emptying of your stomach so that you feel fuller for longer.


WHAT IS Tirzepatide?

Once-weekly injection which activates both the GLP-1 and GIP receptors. Highly effective for blood glucose control and weight loss. On average, patients on this treatment drop 22.5% of their bodyweight.


WHAT IS Testosterone Rejuvenation?

As men age, their body's natural production of testosterone depletes, this is even more severe for men with obesity. This medication is clomiphene citrate, taken orally. It will help boost your body’s natural production of testosterone, helping to increase lean muscle mass, improve your energy, mood and productivity and enhance sexual performance.