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Sustained weight loss is more than just numbers on a scale. Hear from some of our fellas, on what they love most about the program.

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"I lost 54lbs.."

Justin j, Fella

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6 months, 50+ pounds

I joined Fella in September shortly after my heaviest weight of 385 pounds. I was dealing with fatty liver disease and a weight-induced pancreas disorder, plus the usual type 2 diabetes, poor sleep/sleep apnea, and a host of physical limitations because of my weight. As of March I am down over 50 pounds and still dropping consistently. As of February I had reversed my type 2 diabetes and no longer required medication. Coaching regularly, on whatever schedule fits my life that month, and doctor-led medical support have already been life-changing...and I'm only halfway through! I move better, feel better, and look better than I have in years.

Ben R.

Best decision I have made in a very long time - changing my life!

I am 56 years old and had reached a top weight of 345 lbs.
My job as a cybersecurity professional keeps me sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time and the stress level stays high. I allowed both of those factors to contribute to poor eating habits and using food as a means of finding comfort.I came across an ad for Fella one day and decided to check into the program. I made the initial contact, spoke with Dr. Esho, and decided to start the program after a weekend of discussion with my wife.

I have met regularly with Dr. Esho and my coach Sean since that decision and have so far taken off over 53 lbs. If you are at a point where you are ready to break the self-sustaining cycle of obesity and to listen to the guidance provided by these caring professionals who want to see you reach your goals, join Fella!

Every interaction that I have had with Dr. Esho and with Sean has been one of understanding and positivity. They know that the journey I have decided to embark upon is not easy and that it requires me to do the hard work required and that sometimes there are bumps in the road.

I truly believe that Fella has helped set me on a path that I can maintain for the rest of my life thanks to the guidance provided by Dr. Esho and my coach Sean, and the fact that they celebrate my victories with me as I reach my goals make Fella seem more like a family than just another program.

Fella is a regret-free decision that you will look back on and think, that is where my life turned around. That is where things went right.

Thank you Fella!

Jim H.

Lacking structure.

The program has worked. The doctor has prescribed meds that helped in the beginning. But there’s not real structure to this program and that becomes frustrating. Medical and coaching side conflict on what they are telling you to do as far as dieting. Then you build a rapport with a coach and get a whole different coach and it’s like starting over. My work isn’t a traditional work schedule and that isn’t helpful in this program. Out side of medication this program hasn’t been the greatest. I really thought it would be different and it hasn’t been. Hopefully it will get better. I’m rather disappointed that I committed to the whole year.



Fella is awesome. I am glad I took time to fill out application on the internet when I ran across their advertisement. The doctors are very helpful at Fella, I always meet with Dr. Esho, she is always upbeat and very positive. My mom was having a health issue and was at the hospital, one night I was coming home after being at the hospital and I went through a fast food drive through. Next day I had an appointment with Dr. Esho, I told her I was disappointed at myself but I had a taste for a chicken sandwich and didn’t feel like going home to make dinner. Dr. told me not to beat myself up over having fast food. Just don’t make it 5 sandwiches at one time. Which made me feel great! What can I say about Sean! He is great I text him anytime I need too just to let him know I am having great days or bad days. This team really cares about ME! I believe I started out at about 290 plus pounds, as of this past weekend, I am down to 260 pounds in a short amount of time. Let me tell you I’ve tried diets, cardboard food, everything and anything to lose weight. I am over 50 and I feel and look great and people are noticing at work, friends are wondering what I am up too. What I can say is Fella has kept me focused on balancing eating, drinking, and exercise. This program and team got me on track, losing weight, feeling great in my clothes, and about myself overall. If you are like me and have tried everything else give the Fella program a try.

Matthew R.

Exactly What I needed

I have done about everything there is to regarding weight loss. When the pandemic hit my support systems were scattered. Fellas gave me a community, great one on one coaching, and the first dr. solely dedicated to my individual journey. I could not recommend the program more.

Klint D.

fella is successful for me

The fella process has worked for me. The combination of the coaching, medication, and community have helped me lose 25lbs so far in my journey. The cost is a bit high - but I'm willing so far since the success is there. I have NOT had this long-term success in ANY others and I have tried A LOT (you name it, I've probably tried it).

Kevin B.

Great Experience!!

12 weeks in and I’m averaging a 2lbs/week weight loss. Between the monthly video consultations with Dr. Esho and the weekly calls with my coach Sean, this weight loss journey has been so different then when I tried to lose weight in the past. Before, my Dr. Would tell me to just diet or exercise more, but the staff at Fella gave me the tools and encouragement to follow through and reach my goals. They listened and advised me and are always a phone call or text away when I have a question or need a little encouragement to get to my next weight loss goal. I recommend taking the time to set up an initial consultation to see what they can do for you if you are looking for a weight loss solution that really wants you to succeed and reach your goals.

Charles M.

Great program

I am very happy with the Doctor Echo and Coach Sean. The medication has help me not think about food all the time. And my coach keeps me on track with calorie counting and life style change. 3 months down 22 lbs.


Fella Health

The doctor and the coach have been great. The weight loss started off very easy and has continued to come off. I started at 317 in November 17, 2021. Now in February 25, 2022 I weight 276. The accountability with the coaches has really helped and the changes in cravings as well.

Mark S.

Great Option for Weight Loss Help.

So far I have had nothing but great care with this company. I personally have a bad relationship with food and the coach they gave me has helped in so many ways and doesn’t discourage me when I fail. The coach guides me on dieting and also cooking as well as goals to achieve at the gym. The medical side of this company is also outstanding. A simple online phone interview and blood work and you’re off and working to get to where you want to be.

David C.

Impressed with the Program

I'm like any typical person when it comes to to the latest diet craze...I tend to meh it because it will be gone a couple of months. But Fella is different...a different feel, a different approach, a different vision.I found Fella on accident scrolling on FB; it just happened to show up in my feed and I clicked on it. I didn't even know Read more about review stating Impressed with the Programwhat it was at the time; I actually thought ot was another beard/shaving kit advertisement. When I started reading the information on Fella, I became curious about this weight loss program for men. I never heard of any weight loss program specifically for men, so I started to Google the owner/founder of Fella and was surprised to find out that he went through his own program to vet it out and show the results. I was impressed.

I reached out to inquire more about Fella and was surprised again that Richie, the founder of Fella, would reach out to me to discuss the program in detail. Richie understands the male perspective on weight loss and the importance of gaining someone's trust while educating them on the benefits of the program.

In August 2021 and at 283 lbs, I was sold. Today, February 26, 2022 at 253 lbs, I feel and look great! Everyone at Fella that has been involved in my weight loss journey has been a great asset and awesome knowledgeable people to talk with.


Derrick W.

I've Been Very Satisfied

I've been very satisfied to date. Since starting the program in earnest October 1, 2021 I've lost 60 pounds in roughly 4 months. My doctor has been excellent, very professional, and sincerely concerned with my health and success and I'm pleased to report that on all of the most important medical blood test measures I'm measuring in the normal ranges. As for coaching that has been an important part of my success as well holding me accountable, and providing me moral support and even just a friendly resource to share challenges or celebrate successes.

Michael H.

Complete support

I have been a member of Fella since November. I like both the coaching from Sean and the medical management from Dr. Esho. Both of these factors have been essential to my weight loss.

Lucas G.

Wonderful Experience

I've had a wonderful experience with Fella. I really have enjoyed working with my coach (Sean). He has really helped me get on a plan and stick with it.

I would highly recommend that you give Fella a try.

Lorne W.