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Testosterone Rejuvination

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Testosterone rejuvenation


As men age, their body's natural production of testosterone depletes, this is even more severe for men with obesity.

This convenient oral medication will boost your body's natural production of testosterone, helping you to increase lean muscle mass, improve your energy, mood and productivity and enhance sexual performance.


FDA-approved medication - Enclomiphene

Increased lean muscle mass

Improved energy and mood

Increased levels of productivity

Enhanced sexual performance

from $149/mo. Medication costs included.

Board-certified clinicians
For men with busy lifestyles
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Testosterone Rejuvenation
per month
6 Months in full
Pay $894 1974 today
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increase mucle mass
improve energy
increase productivity
enhance sexual performance
4.9 average rating


Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Enclomiphene citrate boosts testosterone, allowing for easier muscle growth and definition.
  • Clinical studies show increased muscle mass from naturally higher testosterone levels.
  • Feel stronger and see muscle gains, especially when combined with fitness.
Enhance Sexual Performance
  • By optimizing testosterone, enclomiphene improves libido and sexual function.
  • Clinical data demonstrates significantly boosted sex drive and performance.
  • Rediscover your masculinity, confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom.
Improve Energy and Mood
  • Enclomiphene reduces fatigue and helps you feel more motivated by elevating testosterone.
  • Clinical research proves increased energy, reduced irritability, and an overall mood boost.
  • Feel like your old self again with restored energy, focus and mental state.

Helping Men Regain Their Vitality and Live Life to the Fullest

We help men optimize their testosterone so they can participate fully in life's most important moments. Our program gives men the tools to boost energy, rebuild confidence, and restore performance. We want to enable men to reclaim their health, strength and masculinity so they can thrive in all aspects of life.
4.9/5 based on 91 reviews

Enclomiphene vs TRT

Lab tests prove enclomiphene increases total and free testosterone levels by 1.5-2.5x on average. You'll see real results, not estimates.
Enclomiphene helps you maintain fertility function so you can grow your family. It boosts natural testosterone without suppressing sperm production.
Our licensed physicians assess eligibility based on symptoms and needs, not just low lab testosterone levels. We evaluate the full health profile.

The Fella System

how it works

Medical Forms

First we get to know you inside out with blood work to assess your current testosterone levels.

This will allow us to ensure you start on the optimal dosage.


Metabolic Assessment

Get lab work done to allow our clinicians to fully assess your current health, biology and testosterone levels.

Results will help us customize the ideal treatment plan for you.


Treatment Plan

Based on your lab results, our medical team will prescribe a personalized testosterone treatment plan that best fits your needs, explaining expected benefits and next steps.


Ongoing Support & Optimization

After starting treatment, we'll track your progress and improvements to your testosterone levels.

These results help us to optimize your dosage and plan as needed.


Benefits you can feel

INCREASE Muscle Mass
Studies show most men gained around 5 pounds of lean muscle mass after 12 weeks of boosted testosterone levels. Finally build the strength and physique you want.
+ Sexual performance
Studies demonstrate enclomiphene improves erectile function and sperm production in men. Rediscover your confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom.
ENHANCE productivity
Clinical data proves increased motivation and drive in men with optimized testosterone. Fuel your professional and personal ambitions.
IMPROVE Energy & Mood
Research shows SERMs like enclomiphene elevate energy, mood and motivation through natural mechanisms, unlike stimulants that can cause crashes.

Testosterone Rejuvenation

As men age, natural testosterone production often declines, especially for those with obesity.

Our innovative oral medication safely and effectively boosts your body's testosterone.

FROM $149/mo

Boost your body's natural production of testosterone, helping you to increase lean muscle mass, improve your energy, mood and productivity and enhance sexual performance.

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How does enclomiphene  increase testosterone in men?

Enclomiphene works by mimicking a low testosterone state in the body, prompting the brain to increase its own production of the hormone. Here's how it happens:

1. Enclomiphene attaches to estrogen receptors in the brain.
2. This triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland (part of the brain).
3. LH travels through the bloodstream to the testes.
4. In the testes, LH stimulates Leydig cells, which produce more testosterone.

In simpler terms, your brain manages the testosterone production process, with the testes acting as the factories. When the brain senses sufficient testosterone levels, it shuts down the production. However, enclomiphene helps when the brain mistakenly shuts down the factory too early.

By taking enclomiphene, your brain receives signals to boost testosterone production in the testes.

What is the difference between TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and Enclomiphene?

While testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is commonly used to treat low testosterone, it has potential drawbacks.

TRT, typically administered through injections, can lower sperm count and affect male fertility.

Here's why: when the brain detects an increase in testosterone from TRT, it signals a reduction in hormones responsible for sperm production.

Consequently, prolonged TRT can suppress natural sperm and testosterone production in the male body.

In contrast, enclomiphene does not inhibit testosterone production like TRT does. It can raise testosterone levels while preserving male fertility.

That's why men with low testosterone who desire to start a family may choose enclomiphene as an alternative. Furthermore, enclomiphene has fewer side effects compared to long-term testosterone injections, such as testicular atrophy (reduced testicle size).

How long does it take for enclomiphene to work?

While enclomiphene is generally effective in raising testosterone levels in most men, it may not work for everyone.

In cases of primary testicular dysfunction, where the testes cannot produce testosterone despite stimulation from the pituitary gland (and high LH levels), enclomiphene citrate may be ineffective.

Although the idea of stimulating the body's own testosterone production without external supplementation is appealing, it may not be feasible for some men.

For those men in whom enclomiphene does raise testosterone levels, there are two possible outcomes:

1. Most men experience significant relief from symptoms. This can include increased sex drive, improved energy levels, enhanced mood, and more.
2. Some men may see an increase in testosterone levels but still not achieve adequate symptom relief. The reasons for this are not always fully understood.

It's important to note that it may take 2-3 months of treatment to observe symptom improvement.

Patience is key, allowing sufficient time to assess if symptoms will alleviate. If you belong to the smaller group of men who do not experience symptom relief, it's essential to communicate this to your healthcare provider.

Sometimes, it simply means that you may require a higher dosage.

How much does the male testosterone repair medications cost?

Testosterone rejuvenation can be added to your weight loss plan from your quiz results page, the price starts from $99/mo.

If you wish to start testosterone treatment without weight loss medications, the cost starts from $149/mo.

Is medication cost included?


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320 pounds after 6 months with Fellas 255 pounds....still have 35+ to go!


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Four months and 40 lbs later this is where we stand. Still on my journey.


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lost 53 lbs in 3 months

I’m a different person than I was, can’t imagine going back to that person again

Justin J

Fella has been perfect for me

I lead a very busy life and could use every excuse in the book to let this program fail but it isn't difficult to maintain. Fella has been perfect for me as I have tried other diets that never seemed to be sustainable


Continuous weight loss

The weight loss started off very easy and has continued to come off.


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