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We started Fella because men were often overlooked in weight loss conversations. The treatment options that did exist ranged from fad diets to gimmick workouts—so we used science to make a Health Repair System that treats the root cause.

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our mission

We’re here to help men live longer, happier, more purposeful lives. We want them to be there for all of life’s important moments, from dancing with daughters at weddings to learning the latest viral dance to embarrass her in front of her friends today.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Rafid Fadul MD, MBA

Board-certified pulmonologist, intensivist and internal medicine physician. Previously the CMO of Wheel. MBA and MD from John Hopkins University

President of Fella Health

Theresa Vergara

Theresa is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing from Columbia University. She also has a Masters in Human Nutrition, focused on the interplay between sleep and food intake.

Fella Provider

Kelsey Adams

Kelsey is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a BA from Stanford & Masters of Nursing from UCSF. She’s had previous clinical & ops exp at several early-stage SF healthcare startups in weight management & men’s health, as well as being a very early NP at a unicorn primary care startup (Forward).

Fella Provider

Our Coaching Team

Dr. Becky Richards

Becky has been a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge for the last 2.5 years, focused on the development of scalable, cost-effective psychological & behavioral interventions for tackling obesity. She led the development of the SWiM-C study, a digital ACT-based intervention to tackle obesity during Covid. Before that, she completed her PhD in Health Psychology at the start of 2018 from Cardiff University, and has a Masters in Health Psychology from University College London + a Bachelors in Psychology from University of London. Alongside her PhD, Becky is a Chartered Health Psychologist in the UK for adult obesity. Becky is also a Trustee for the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO).

Fella Psychologist

Dana Shafir

Dana has a BA, MA, and PhD in Counseling Psychology with a background in the clinical setting as a counselor and psychotherapist, and transitioned full time into health coaching in 2019. She is a licensed therapist in Texas, and has certifications in nutritional therapy, personal training, and health coaching.

Fella Coach

Joanna ortiz

Joanna is a registered health care professional and certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She began her career in clinical research in the emergency department and found her true calling in encouraging others to live their healthiest life. She is excited at the prospect of supporting Fellas as they reach their goals with a combination of lifestyle modification and behavior change.

Fella Coach

Sean Welch

Certified Health Coach & Bachelors in Health Sciences. Decorated United States Army Veteran: served as a Combat Medic with deployments in Kuwait and Europe. Overcame his own obesity to enter the US Army.

Fella Coach

Meet the Founders

CEO & co-founder

Luke Harries

Studied Medicine at Cambridge University. Led the development of a patented AI approach to detecting cancer. Ex-Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft Research.

CoO & co-founder

Richie Cartwright

Built and sold a machine learning company working with the UK government. Struggled for six years with binge eating — built a 10,000-follower Instagram community around men’s eating struggles.

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