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Testosterone Rejuvination

No insurance requirements
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Injectable TRT

As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline, impacting energy, mood, and overall well-being.

Our injectable TRT restores optimal testosterone levels. Rediscover vitality, enhance muscle mass, improve mood and focus with a personalized treatment plan.


FDA-approved medication

Stronger bones and muscles

Improved confidence and drive

Free lab work for your convenience

Reduced body fat and increased lean mass

Achieve optimal levels of testosterone with personalized dosing

from $149/mo. Medication costs included.

Board-certified clinicians
For men with busy lifestyles
Shipped to your home
Monthly plan
per month
6 Months in full
Pay $894 1974 today
per month
IN STOCK. Medication costs included.
Increase Muscle Mass
FDA Approved
More Energy
Optimal testosterone levels
4.9 average rating


Low testosterone levels can negatively impact your energy, mood, and overall well-being. Recognizing and addressing low T is crucial for reclaiming your vitality.
Gradual increase in body fat, particularly around the midsection
Persistent fatigue and a significant decrease in energy levels
A decline in self-esteem and a growing sense of inadequacy

Helping Men Regain Their Vitality and Live Life to the Fullest

We help men optimize their testosterone so they can participate fully in life's most important moments. Our program gives men the tools to boost energy, rebuild confidence, and restore performance. We want to enable men to reclaim their health, strength and masculinity so they can thrive in all aspects of life.
4.9/5 based on 91 reviews


+ Sexual performance
  • Cypionate TRT boosts testosterone, enhancing sexual performance and increasing libido.
  • Clinically proven, it improves erectile function and satisfaction.
  • Rediscover confidence and embrace a fulfilling intimate life.
ENHANCE productivity
  • Cypionate boosts testosterone, sharpening focus and mental clarity.
  • Experience enhanced cognitive function and drive, improving productivity.
  • Achieve your goals with renewed energy and determination.
IMPROVE Energy & Mood
  • Cypionate boosts testosterone, revitalizing your energy and lifting your mood.
  • UnlikeClinically proven to combat fatigue and low mood, it enhances overall well-being and zest for life.
  • Experience renewed vitality and motivation to tackle each day with enthusiasm.

Choose your highly effective treatment

Our innovative oral TRT formula, backed by extensive research and development, delivers a safe, effective, and personalized solution tailored to your unique needs.




Injections two or three times weekly for most patients

Results in

1-3 weeks





Tablet taken twice a day


3-8 weeks

The Fella System

how it works

Metabolic Assessment

Get your free lab work done, either locally or with our at-home lab test kits, to allow our clinicians to fully assess your current health and biology.

If you already have labs from the past 24 months, we can use this information in our assessment.

This comprehensive metabolic overview is key to designing your personalized treatment plan.


Start your treatment

First, we get to know you inside and out with lab work to assess your current testosterone levels.

Lab work is required every two months.

This will allow us to ensure you start and stay on the optimal dosage.


Treatment Plan

Based on your lab results, our medical team will prescribe a personalized testosterone treatment plan that best fits your needs, explaining expected benefits and next steps.


Ongoing Support & Optimization

After starting treatment, we'll track your progress and improvements to your testosterone levels.

Personalized TRT treatment requires frequent lab monitoring to optimize dosing and achieve your best results. We provide all required lab work free of charge.

These results help us to optimize yourdosage and plan as needed.


Testosterone Rejuvenation

As men age, natural testosterone production often declines, especially for those with obesity.

Our innovative oral medication safely and effectively boosts your body's testosterone.

FROM $149/mo

Boost your body's natural production of testosterone, helping you to increase lean muscle mass, improve your energy, mood and productivity and enhance sexual performance.

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65 lbs after six months

320 pounds after 6 months with Fellas 255 pounds....still have 35+ to go!


40 lbs in four months

Four months and 40 lbs later this is where we stand. Still on my journey.


Best investment

Fella has been one of the best investments ever in my health and in my entire life. I feel like years have been added to my lifespan.


lost 53 lbs in 3 months

I’m a different person than I was, can’t imagine going back to that person again

Justin J

Fella has been perfect for me

I lead a very busy life and could use every excuse in the book to let this program fail but it isn't difficult to maintain. Fella has been perfect for me as I have tried other diets that never seemed to be sustainable


Continuous weight loss

The weight loss started off very easy and has continued to come off.


from 3xl to xl

I was wearing 3XL when I started. This is my first nice XL shirt