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About us

of the weight loss game

We started Fella because men were often overlooked in weight loss conversations. The treatment options that did exist ranged from fad diets to gimmick workouts—so we used science to make a Health Repair System that treats the root cause.

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our mission

We’re here to help men live longer, happier, more purposeful lives. We want them to be there for all of life’s important moments, from dancing with daughters at weddings to learning the latest viral dance to embarrass her in front of her friends today.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Rafid Fadul MD, MBA

Board-certified pulmonologist, intensivist and internal medicine physician. Previously the CMO of Wheel. MBA and MD from Johns Hopkins University

President of Fella Health

Dr. Adam R. Sasso, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Adam R. Sasso, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician, offering comprehensive Telemedicine Services across all 50 states. His extensive experience in healthcare, combined with a background in military and academic medicine, enables him to deliver exceptional patient-centered care.

Board Certified Family Physician

Theresa Vergara NP

Theresa is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing from Columbia University. She also has a Masters in Human Nutrition, focused on the interplay between sleep and food intake.

Fella Provider

Kori Williams NP

Kori is a certified family nurse practitioner who has a diversified background in acute care, regenerative medicine and health and wellness. For over a decade she was the clinical supervisor for nutritionists, nurses and dietitians in a weight loss center where she helped patients reach their holistic health goals.

Fella Provider

Morgan Edwards, PA-C

Morgan is a certified physician assistant with a background in exercise and sport science. She has worked in men's health and has experience in acute care, hormone replacement therapy, and weight loss.

Fella Provider

Kimberli Hastings, CNP

Kimberli is a certified family nurse practitioner with a background in family medicine. She has worked in weight loss, hormone repl acement therapy, and mental health for adults since starting her career.

Fella Provider

Our Coaching Team

Kim Hildreth

Kim is a NBHWC-certified Health Coach with a BA in Psychology & Nutrition, and a MA in Educational Leadership. For the last year, Kim has been lead coach at an Oxford VR, an Oxford-based startup using Virtual Reality (VR) to tackle serious mental health disorders like PTSD and psychosis. Kim also runs her own coaching practice and has been a professional beach volleyball player for the USA for the past 7 years. Kim lives in Florida with her partner.

Health Coach

Jordan Pellikan

Jordan has a BSc in Psychology and an MSC in Sport and Performance Psychology and is a NBHWC-certified Health Coach. He’s specialized in the psychology side of male weight loss, and has over 9 years running his own Health Coaching & Personal Training practice.

Fella Coach

Meet the Founder

CEO & co-founder

Richie Cartwright

Built and sold a machine learning company working with the UK government. Struggled for six years with binge eating — built a 10,000-follower Instagram community around men’s eating struggles.

Our Investors

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