Cancellation & Auto Renewal Policy

It takes time to see results, that's why we require a 6-month commitment on all plans. Your plan will automatically renew after your six-month commitment. For monthly plans, your subscription payment will be taken automatically each month. If you wish to not renew, you may cancel during the sixth month.

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How it works

Long-term weight loss

Get assessments, medication, and coaching tailored to your unique needs to finally lose weight sustainably.

Our science-backed program is designed for busy guys managing demanding work and personal lives.

Am I Eligible?

The System

Metabolic Assessment

As a busy man, we know you're short on time for medical visits and assessments.

We'll get to know your health through bloodwork, family history and discussing your unique challenges.

Our clinicians then conduct an in-depth review to prescribe the safest, most effective GLP-1 medication for you.

Our tailored approach helps busy guys lose substantial weight safely and sustainably.


If our clinicians think meds could help, we'll hook you up with proven GLP-1s to curb stress eating and beat hunger.

These cutting-edge meds help busy guys lose serious weight by making you feel full without constant willpower struggles.

We'll customize the right medication and dose to help you lose weight rapidly and keep it off long-term. No more yo-yo dieting!

Our science-backed treatments enable convenient, lasting weight loss tailored for your on-the-go lifestyle.

PersonalIZED Coaching

With your busy schedule, staying on track with weight loss on your own can be challenging.

Our coaching team provides the ongoing support and accountability busy men like you need, helping you build healthy habits that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

No more falling off the wagon – our coaches will keep you focused on your goals.

our community

Join the supportive Fella community where we hold each other accountable, celebrate our successes, and never let small setbacks become big obstacles.

What to Expect

The Fella App

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6-Month money back guarantee

Our Plans

The Fella

GLP-1 GUarantee*

At Fella, if you are a good fit for weight loss medication, we guarantee your access to a GLP-1 prescription - at no extra cost.

*Note: GLP-1s will only be prescribed for you if it is safe to do so.

Fella Reviews

We help motivated men finally develop the healthy habits and effective daily routines essential for sustainable weight loss success.

Don't just take our word for it – read real reviews from busy guys who have achieved transformative results and improved lifestyles with our program.

SHAI • Lost 20 lbs
"Fella empowered me to lose 20lbs in 2 months"
Byron • Lost 74 lbs
"I was wearing 3XL when I started. This is my first nice XL shirt"
Klint • Lost 39 lbs
"Fella gave me a community & great 1on1 coaching. I could not recommend the program more."


will it work?

By pairing our medication with your dedication, Fella members experience 2-3x better results than diet and exercise alone.

What's the science?

With your busy lifestyle, permanent weight loss can feel out of reach.

Our GLP-1 weight loss program combines proven medications with tailored coaching so you can finally build healthy habits that last.

Our personalized coching provides the ongoing support you need to achieve real, sustainable results - without requiring restrictive dieting.

Backed by innovative medications, our science-based approach gives busy men like yourself the structure required to lose weight and embrace the active life you want.

Is this safe?


Your health is too important to take risks.

Our board-certified clinicians specializing in men's health will thoroughly evaluate your medical history to ensure the medications and coaching we recommend are safe, effective, and right for your needs.

We take every precaution, make adjustments when necessary, and provide ongoing medical supervision.

You can feel confident you're in good hands with our clinical experts guiding your weight loss journey.

How much does this cost?

We know that as a busy man, your time and budget can be limited.

That’s why our core program starts at just $279/month for everything you need to lose weight: GLP-1 medications, health assessments, a custom coaching plan, and app support.

If you're looking to also increase energy and libido, we can add our Testosterone Rejuvenation treatment for as little as $89/month, including medications.

We aim to provide real medical solutions to help time-strapped professionals like you lose weight and feel your best again, all at a price that fits with your lifestyle.

Check out all of our plans and pricing here.

WHICH medications will I be prescribed?

Our medical team will evaluate your health history and recommend the most effective GLP-1 medication and dosage specifically for you.

With your busy lifestyle, we know you want rapid yet sustainable results.

That's why we prescribe only clinically-proven GLP-1 weight loss medications shown to help men like you lose weight and keep it off long-term.

You can feel confident our personalized medication plan will be tailored to help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

How long does it take?

As a busy man, we know your time is limited.

While the journey is personal, our program is designed to deliver rapid results while establishing healthy habits for the long-term.

Within the first month, you'll notice our proven medications curbing hunger as your personalized coaching plan gets underway.

By months 2-3, you’ll have built better habits into your routine.

From months 4-6, maintaining your new lifestyle becomes second nature.

After 6 months, members like you have lost an average of 10% of their body weight and kept it off.

And in just 12 months, you'll have achieved sustainable weight loss and made lasting improvements to energy and confidence - all while still excelling in your demanding career.

This is not a quick fix - it's a science-backed approach tailored for busy men to help you lose weight and live the healthy, active lifestyle you want for good.

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