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How it works

Long-term weight loss

Get the assessments, support, and medication you need to live a healthy life, tailored to your body.

Am I Eligible?

The System

Metabolic Assessment

First we get to know you inside and out with blood work, family history, and more. Then you’ll have a 30 minute face-to-face consultation with a dedicated clinician who assess the root causes of your weight, and tailors treatment to you with regular check-ins.

Personal Coaching

You’ll have regular 1:1 video chat sessions with your personal health coach every 2 weeks. They’ll help build a custom plan, and build your confidence to stick with it for the long-haul with texts to support and guide you.


If our clinicians think medication is the right fit for you, you’ll have access to a wide range of FDA approved medications that can help beat stress eating and make you fuller for longer. Flexible payment with insurance and out of pocket options.

our community

Join the supportive Fella community where we hold each other accountable, celebrate our successes, and never let small setbacks become big obstacles.

What to Expect

The App

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6-Month money back guarantee

Our Plans

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Medication + Coaching:

You'll get everything you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight loss medication prescription

Personal health coach

Board-certified clinicians

Access to the Fella mobile app

💪 you could lose > 15% OF your body weight
you could lose more than 45 lbs

You could lose at least xx lbs

FDA-approved medications

Bi-weekly calls with your personal health coach


Lab tests and medications are not included in the membership cost. Medication should be capped at $30 or less per month after any deductible is met. If you do not have blood work results from the past 12 months, we have a partner offer for $60 for the full blood work.


will it work?

By pairing our medication with your dedication, Fella members experience 2-3x better results than diet and exercise alone.

What's the science?

Our Health Repair System pairs FDA-approved medication with personalized 1:1 health coaching to help you build healthier habits, achieve longer term results, and keep the weight off for good.

Is this safe?

Yes, with Fella you’re in the care of expert clinicians and health coaches. We’ll evaluate your medical history to see if medications and habit changes are right, and safe, for you, with adjustments as needed.

How much does this cost?

We offer two membership plans — 3-months for $35/week or 6-months for $27/week.

Both plans include a personalized health assessment, a custom coaching playbook, and support via the Fella app. Lab tests and medications are not included in the membership cost.

What medications will I be prescribed?

We’ll prescribe the appropriate medications based on your current weight, your past medical history, and your insurance coverage. Our recommended GLP-1s or Non GLP-1s are clinically proven to help your body lose weight and maintain it. We offer affordable, flexible payment options with cash-pay up to $30 per month or covered by insurance with a copay of $25 per month after the deductible.

How long does it take?

Our core program runs for 12 months, this is where our fellas see the best results, and are able to keep the weight off. This is not a quick-fix, this is sustainable long-term weight loss.

Here is what you can expect from the 1 year experience.


- Begin taking your FDA-approved medications, as prescribed by your clinician.

- You and your health coach have met and customized your plan, with regular chat check-ins to see what's working and what could be improved.

- You will have built healthy habits and have a better understanding of what controls your hunger.


- Medications are working to repair the root cause of your weight gain

- You're in close contact with your coach to identify new healthy habits, and stick to them.

- You're growing more confident in your new habits and are more aware of them.


- You're comfortable with your new daily habits and can even slip out of them for special occasions without having difficulty picking them up again.

- You feel more self-aware around food, and practice new coping strategies with ease.

- You're seeing your body change and your mood improve.


- Your healthy habits are now second nature.

- You have the discipline to maintain your new healthy lifestyle and weight even when times are tough.

- The pounds continue to come off, and you're noticing improvements in energy and confidence at your new, healthier weight.

- On average, Fella Health members lose 5% of their body weight by month 3 and 10% by month 6 (and keep it off).

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